12 July 2018

Commerce Announces Financial Assistance for Community Development, Job Creation

Commerce Announces Financial Assistance for Community Development, Job Creation

HELENA, Mont. – The Department of Commerce today announced it will award $629,892 in federal funds for three community development projects.

Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds will go to Lewistown, Malta and Superior. City or county governments applied for funding on behalf of business and organizations in their communities.

“Community development is important work, and it comes in different forms according to the specific needs of the community,” said Commerce Director Pam Haxby-Cote. “These projects will help to revitalize a downtown area, improve the quality of service for individuals living with disabilities and grow a local business.”

  • In Lewistown, the city will receive $125,000 on behalf of Central Feed Grilling Company, a new brewery and restaurant serving locally sourced products, to train new staff and to create 20–25 new full-time positions. The business is part of Lewistown’s ongoing Creekside marketplace and pavilion project, which seeks to create a quality place to live, work and play, especially for the younger generation moving to the area.
  • In Malta, Phillips County will receive $300,000 on behalf of Malta Opportunities, Inc. MOI is a significant employer in Philips County. It supports activities and teaches life skills for its clients living with a developmental disability while also providing services to the public like recycling and snow removal. Funds will be used to renovate its facility.
  • In Superior, Mineral County will receive $204,892 on behalf of Superior Meats to expand its facility and purchase new equipment. The expansion will allow the business to increase production and create 10 new full-time positions.

Learn more about CDBG at ComDev.mt.gov/Programs/CDBG.