Affordable and vibrant communities for all Montanans.

By building affordable and vibrant communities where people want to live, we’re also creating places people want to visit. Strengthening our communities is at the core of Montana’s economic challenge and opportunity. To support a growing economy, hardworking Montanans need an affordable place to live, and a vibrant Main Street to experience. 


Episode 13: A Taste of Montana

"Being part of the craft beer movement is thrilling, it's exciting. I can directly express my passion to the people that try my beer. It's home grown, made in Montana."

Travis Peterson, Meadowlark Brewing
Sidney, Montana

Montana is so special, because it’s so wild. And I feel like when you’re out in those areas, you experience everything a little bit more deeply.”

Jessica Lewis, Metalsmith/Jeweler
Bitterroot Valley, Montana